FAQ’s – Rug Care Questions

Vacuuming, cleaning and treating – oh my! People who invest in beautiful floor coverings always have a lot of questions about caring for their purchases. And revitaRUGS has the rug cleaning answers.

If I stain my rug, should I pretreat it before calling RevitaRUGS?

We urge you not to use household cleaners or chemicals – or especially “home remedies” –to pretreat stains. Gently blot the stain with a paper towel until dry. Use a little cool water if necessary (hot water can set the stain) and repeat the blotting to reduce the stain’s density. Keep foot traffic off the stain and let us handle the rest.

How often should I have my handmade Oriental, Persian or other types of rugs cleaned?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with many other indoor air quality resources, warns continually about carpet and rug cleaning (or lack there of) and issues guidelines on how often to due so. Generally, your rugs should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year and, for households with a lot of foot traffic, twice a year.

How do you clean silk rugs?

RevitaRUGS is one of the very few cleaning services with the expertise to wash silk rugs with water. Most cleaners use strong dry chemicals that damage delicate silk fibers and eventually causing cracking and breaking. 

Can you get the pet odor/stain out of my rug?

Yes. We’ve developed a special process to deal with the complex chemistry of pet stains.

Are rug pads really important?

Yes. The purpose of the pad is to keep the rug in place, create a moisture barrier and also allow airflow. Always replace your old rug pad. Getting your rug professionally cleaned and placing it on an old, dirty rug pad is defeating the purpose. Also, make sure to purchase a perforated rug pad. Solid felt type rug pads don’t allow your rug to breathe and cause moisture build-up, which leads to mold and bacteria growth.

What makes revitaRUGS’ process “green”?

Our process has been designed from start to finish minimizing the impact on the environment while enhancing the overall health of your home. We use only dye-, perfume-, and VOC-free soaps. Our plant is engineered to use less electricity and other natural resources; and the “soft” water we use is filtered and purified to laboratory standards, ensuring that no pollutants are transferred to your rug during our organic wash process.

Why is it important to filter and soften the water?

Soft water performs much more effectively.  Soap lathers better and scum-free, fabrics are left soft and not damaged, and most importantly, soft water will prolong the life of your rugs. A clean rug increases the air quality of your home, leaving you and your family in a healthier environment.

Can I drop off and pick up my rugs myself?

Certainly! If you prefer to deliver and pickup your rug yourself, or if you live outside of our delivery area, simply call to let us know you’re coming and then drop off your rugs at our care and cleaning facility at:

revitaRUGS, 10 Horizon Blvd, South Hackensack, NJ 07606.

If you’d like to ship your rug to us instead, we’ll help you locate one of our many rug gallery partners who can assist you. If we haven’t yet partnered with a gallery near you, we’ll help arrange for proper packing and shipping, no matter where you live.

How does revitaRUGS keep my rug safe?

We’ve rigorously tested our process to ensure its safety on all types of rugs. The revitaRUGS teams who handle your rugs are specially trained and held to the highest standards of care.  Finally, we photograph each rug we clean and repair in detail, to visually ensure no damage occurs. Our digital camera is capable of microscopic detail, allowing us to view individual fibers from root to end. Any issues we discover will be photographed, documented, and sent for your review. RevitaRUGS is fully insured and bonded.

How long will you hold on to my rug?

While working around your schedule is our first priority, ensuring that the rugs we return to our customers are as clean and refreshed as possible normally requires 3-4 days. In cases that require extra TLC, it may take longer. It’s also possible for us to work faster in the case of urgent stains or impending in-law visits. Just call one of our rug care experts and they’ll be happy to help.

Contact revitaRUGS To Care For Your Rug – Without Question.

Silk, Viscose and natural fiber rugs are our specialty. Most so-called rug cleaners do not really know how to wash these materials properly, and many who try use harsh chemicals.

Rug cleaning done the right way (the revitaRUG way) requires a vast knowledge of rug fibers, types, and an understanding of a rug’s country of origin. 

Do you know that wool comes in different qualities, and dyes can be natural or synthetic? That whether a carpet is Persian silk or Chinese silk, antique or new, it requires a specific process? And that Viscose and natural fiber rugs need their own specific methods and sciences as well? RevitaRug knows!

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