Dog and Cat Urine Removal

If you own a pet, sooner or later you will search the internet on how to remove pet urine and odor from your rugs or carpets. You will find yourself trying every gimmick advertised on how to remove pet odors only to find the same spot marked again by your beloved pet. Pets continue to return to the “accident zone” even if you can’t smell traces of urine. Your pet can.

What chemicals are in pet urine?

Pet urine contains urea, creatine, uric acid, carbohydrates, enzymes, fatty acids, hormones, sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium and ammonia. Once it dries up, it leaves a crystalized urine salt that is not water soluble, yet reactivates by the slightest moisture in the air causing the odor to be released. The protein that remains also creates a petri dish for bacteria growth and even worse odor.

pet urineUrine deposited on carpets or area rugs does not stay on the surface. It penetrates the fibers and also contaminates the backing of the rug, the rug pad and the flooring below.






Tips to remove dog or cat urine from an area rug or carpet:

  1. Have it cleaned by a professional rug cleaner. A deep cleaning and sanitizing can only be done in a facility equipped to properly wash oriental rugs. Topical cleaning at home is only a Band-Aid and will not remove the crystallized urine.
  2. Make sure to wash or replace the rug pad. Any residue will only invite your pet to return to the same accident area. Invest in a perforated natural rubber rug pad, it allows proper airflow and will not stick to wood floors causing damage.
  3. Clean the subfloor with appropriate methods for wood or stone floors. You must do this before your cleaned area rug and rug pad returns. Source of cat urine is often hard to find, however; you can pinpoint it fairly easily using a simple UV light. Sounds funny, but cat urine glows under UV or “black” light.


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