Do You Bamboo?

A bamboo silk rug can add a touch of organic and practical elegance to any space.


We turned to to get the lowdown on how you can include bamboo rugs in your living areas:


bamboo silk rug

A bamboo rug painted with a Moroccan design anchors this inspired Asian garden theme.

bamboo sisal rugs

This bamboo silk rug atop an oversized Sisal adds softness to the seating area.

contemporary rugs

Huniford Design Studio, Holiday House Hamptons 2014.

This contemporary family room is made cozy with a space-defining bamboo, and accented with leather floor pillows at a slab table.


modern rugs

This solid ivory bamboo silk rug is a real stand out in general, but particularly against the dark hardwood floor of this modern bedroom in Los Angeles.

colored bamboo rugs

From the eclectic rope lamp to the sand colored bamboo rug, everything about his suburban New York living room is yar.


Be Careful When Cleaning Bamboo Rugs

Soft Water Cleaning

Cleaning bamboo silk rugs requires the expertise and proper techniques necessary to wash and dry cellulose-based fibers. RevitaRUGS has been at the forefront of research and technology in this field. Traditional wool rug cleaners don’t have a clue.

For over 20 years, we have been caring for fine and delicate rugs, relying on one key ingredient: purified filtered “soft water.”

The beauty—and effectiveness—of our organic wash process also includes dye-free, perfume-free soaps; and quick, efficient drying. Your rug will be reinvigorated, and the air quality as well as the health of your entire home will be protected.


Ready To Refurbish Your Bamboo Rug?

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