Differences Between Rug Restoration and Rug Cleaning

Ah, the restorative powers of rug cleaning. A good, professional cleaning can remove embedded dirt, debris, stains and smells. This will give your floor covering that “good as new” look and feel. However, this is a far cry from the definition of actual rug restoration, which refers to repairing.

Rug repair is done in many ways depending on the rug’s problem, which take into account different forms of structural damage. For every issue there is a unique approach and intervention. Most common reasons to repair a rug are:

  • Unraveled fringes
  • Border damage
  • Worn out fiber
  • Moth holes
  • Tears
  • Decaying and decomposing fiber


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Wash Before Repairing?

It depends on the rug repair that you need, but we generally suggest cleaning the rug prior to repair. The advantages of washing before rug repair:

  • It brings out the true original rug colors, making sure the new weave and repair is an exact match of the hues and tones of that fiber. A dirty rug can definitely change the color and shade of the area for repair. Once the rug is cleaned, the difference will become visible.
  • It avoids further damage to the surrounding dried up area when a craftsman tries to insert the needle into the fragile fibers.
  • In the case of moth damage, rugs need to be specially treated to get rid of all embedded moth eggs and then washed prior to repair.


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