Designing With Area Rugs: Cecile Lozano of Cecile Lozano Interiors, San Francisco, CA

“My niche is what I call ‘fill in’ jobs,” says Cecile Lozano from her Bay Area studio. She says that in this economy very few of her clients start from scratch. “They’ve either purchased new seating or they’ve gotten rid of some pieces that they just didn’t want in the house anymore, but don’t quite have the know-how to make their space look like what they’ve seen in magazines. That’s where I come in.”

Lozano’s first step when designing with area rugs is to ask questions. “I want to know what their style is and gone are the days when people are either traditional, modern, contemporary, Art Deco, etc. Now everybody’s a combo platter: modern/classic or traditional/eclectic. That’s the direction design is going in.”

How Cecile Lozano Chooses Her Rugs

The next thing she asks is how the room will be used. “Are they entertaining or is the room for family fun? Then I want to know how they want to feel when they walk into the room: like they’re walking into an art gallery or do they want to immediately feel relaxed and fall onto a sofa and go to sleep?” Lozano’s way of helping her clients create the perfect room is to start from the floor up. “Area rugs are my go-to piece. They can be a great starting point from which you can design the whole room.”

An Area Rug

Citing a client who already had neutral seating and traditional tables, but wanted an ethnic/global feel, Lozano says, “I was able to create her dream through the accents. I started with a tribal pattern area rug that became the focal point of the room. Then I took colors from the rug and got throw pillows, which gave the sofa and chairs a nice pop of color. The area rug also inspired the choice of knickknacks and lamps.”

Keeping The Dream Alive

RevitaRUGS can help you keep your beautifully designed room looking magazine-worthy by making sure your rugs are clean. For everyday care, we suggest vacuuming once a week in light traffic areas (bedrooms); daily for heavy traffic areas (hallways). But the EPA suggests having rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year–again if the rug is in a heavy traffic area, consider twice a year.

When cleaning area rugs, we start off by vacuuming, too, but with our proprietary air filtered dust removal machine, which removes loose dirt and debris by gently lashing the rug from its back side. Next, we identify all spots and stains with a high-power digital microscope. These steps allow us to take the proper action for each pollutant. For example, uric acid from a pet stain is released and removed in a different process than stains caused by wine, coffee or food spills.

Our Process

Our wash process applies gentle pressure using a computer-controlled brushing system, which automatically adjusts for varied rug piles or thicknesses to protect the rug fiber. This area rug cleaning process also involves our purified soft water system, which is essential for protection of any fiber, especially wool and silk. Soft water also allows us to use mild organic soaps that are safe and leave the fibers naturally soft. FYI: Avoid rug cleaners that use floor scrubbers, as these are a cesspool of bacteria and hard water, and will damage the pile of the rug resulting in costly repairs. View our process video online to see the difference for yourself.

Ready To Clean Your Rug?

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