Cleaning Natural Area Rugs

Natural fiber rugs made of Sisal, Seagrass, Jute along with other material such as Hemp have added a new dimension to  interior designer’s platform in our ever-changing floorcoverings. Traditional area rugs are being complemented or in some cases, replaced with these rugs for their natural beauty and texture.

Natural fibers are not appropriate for bathrooms, kitchens, damp basements, where moisture is likely. Many of these fibers are durable but still should not be installed in high traffic area such as hallways, entry ways or the family room.

The Proper Cleaning of Natural Fiber Rugs

Proper Cleaning of these natural fiber rugs have become a challenge for the area rug cleaning industry. Most don’t understand the complexity of dealing with such material and how to remove a stain without damaging the fibers. Unlike a traditional area rug made out of wool (hand or machine made), these natural area rugs can’t be exposed to water for extended period of time. It requires special handling and quick drying methods to assure the integrity of the fibers.

Sisal – is made from the agave plant, the same family of plants that provides aloe and tequila. These are grown in Central America but major production is from Brazil and East Africa. Strong fibers from inside the large leaves are separated, washed, dried and spun into fiber. These fibers accept color well and are often dyed.

Seagrass – Is indeed a grass. Seagrass is grown in Asian countries, typically among rice in rice fields. It has fast-growing properties and easy to harvest which makes it one of the most sustainable flooring options out there. And, its rich history, having been inspired from centuries-old reed mats, adds an eclectic look to any home.

Because seagrass is a fiber grown in water, it is not only strong, but resistant to most spills and stains. Seagrass fibers aren’t dyed, which means that seagrass area rugs are used in their natural form. It comes in a variety of natural shades. Neutral greens are especially popular, ranging from olive green to lighter shades of sage. Often, browns and beiges combine to create truly unique natural blends of color.

Jute – Jute is another plant fiber grown in Bangladesh, India and China. It is a bast fiber, meaning that the fibers come from the stem of the plant. Jute is the least durable of this group of fibers. It should not be used in settings with high traffic. Jute rugs have a rich texture and a natural tonal variation that is durable yet soft underfoot.

Hemp ­ – Hemp Grass rugs are an un-dyed, rich deep brown, coppery shade. They are smooth to the touch and have a comfortable feel underfoot. Hemp Grass is grown in the highlands of China and is harvested by hand and woven by machine. Hemp Grass rugs are also known as Mountain Grass rugs.

RevitaRUGS – Your Perfect Solution for Area Rug Cleaning

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