Cleaning Heriz Rugs and Serapi Rugs

The province of Azerbaijan, known to most for the city of Tabriz and its magical ornate rugs, is also home to the cities of Heriz and Sarab.

Living about an hour away from Tabriz, are the Azari Turkmen tribes who have been living in this area and weaving carpets since the 1700s. Heriz rugs, unlike Tabriz rugs, have bold geometric tribal motifs with angular lines. Although their designs were influenced by Tabriz and impacted by the ruling dynasties, the patterns and techniques were mostly left to weavers’ creativity and their unique nomadic cultural symbols.

Traditional Heriz and Serapi rugs combine geometric flowers and motifs from the Caucasus, Shah Abbasi flowers, and Islamic arches resembling those of Safavid Dynasty weavers.

The background colors are generally taupe, buff and camel with contrasting outlines. The natural black, madder red, sky blue, ivoryand muted greens all age very well, forming a unique look seen only in Antique Serapi Heriz carpets. The finer rugs use the technique “double outlining,” where the design of the rug is separated from the field by two lines in different colors.

Antique Serapi Rugs

Antique Heriz and Serapi rugs are truer to their classical Caucasus roots of the 17th and 18th centuries. Antique Heriz carpets, also known as Serapi carpets, are famous for their unique shade of turquoise or teal blue. They age gracefully and the bright madder dye slowly reduces to muted sandstone and brick-like red. Since the early 19th century, Heriz has been producing European-sized carpets featuring a traditional pairing of crimson red and clear Persian blue, which are combined with varied neutrals.

Taking good care of these types of carpets requires quality antique rug cleaning regular maintenance. Vacuuming alone is not enough to protect and preserve these works of art. Professional rug cleaning will remove all the dust and grime that is deeply embedded in the rug’s foundation, and it will preserve the wool fiber, preventing further deterioration.


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