Carpet Freshners VS Organic Rug Cleaning

Carpet fresheners or deodorizers can make a room smell fresh — temporarily. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t remove odors; only mask them. However, organic rug cleaning attacks the root of the problem and gets your carpets looking and smelling good.


A dog sleeping on a rug

Think about it: how can a refreshing powder or perfume remove uric acid from pet mishaps and deep imbedded bacteria within rug fibers? While they may offer a quick fix to freshen-up a space, they can pose serious health hazards. Regardless of how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, there will be some deposits left in the rug. Over time, when mixed with dust, dirt and humidity, the sediment will become grimy and deeply imbedded onto the foundation of your carpet. Most importantly, your family will inhale this residue, since children and pets are always rolling around on rugs and carpets. They can be exposed to these irritants and chemicals at an alarming rate. Organic rug cleaningis a much healthier and effective alternative to fresheners, which carry some health hazards.

Hazards To Your Health

The most common known irritations from carpet fresheners are burning eyes and a runny or burning nose. While most adults do not allow their faces to come into direct contact with carpet deodorizer, children and pets playing on the carpet could experience skin irritation. Benzyl benzoate: Some carpet fresheners include this ingredient, which is used to kill dust mites in carpet. Inhalation can cause sore throats and coughing; skin or eye contact can cause redness and inflammation. Phthalates: Many of these fresheners contain this chemical, which has been linked to cancer, birth defects and infertility. People with asthma and other breathing disorders are highly affected. Some of the chemicals commonly used in fresheners are linked to pulmonary and lung problems. There are homemade carpet fresheners– like baking soda, which are considered a safer alternative, however, they can still cause some irritation. Baking soda can cause irritation in the respiratory tract if the fine powder is breathed in. It also can cause eye irritation. These reactions are typically not serious, but can be uncomfortable.

Organic Rug Cleaning: A Fresh Idea

Carpet fresheners embedded deep within the pile, knots and foundation of your valuable handmade rugs, can and will cause serious damage to their fibers. The best way to protect and clean your Oriental or Persian rugs is annual cleaning by professional rug cleaners. In this short revitaRUGS video clip, you can see an area rug that was washed by our soft water system. The soft water helps in releasing impurities, such as carpet fresheners. Although most carpet fresheners are washed away during the initial cleansing process, this rug had plenty of extra fine powder even after it was deep washed and dried. The amount of build-up over the years mixed with dirt and grime was embedded deep into the knots and the foundation of the rug. In fact, this particular rug had to be dusted and washed a couple of times before it was fully rid of carpet freshener. Traditional area rug cleaners will not be able to release all of this residue from your carpets…but revitaRUGS can.

Do You Need Organic Area Rug Cleaning?

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