Can You Wash Viscose?

viscose rugsWhat is Viscose Fabric?

Viscose is neither truly natural (like cotton, wool or silk) nor truly synthetic (like nylon or polyester); it is manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber from wood pulp. It is easy to dye and retains vivid colors very well. It has a luxurious silk like luster, blends easily with other fibers, yet less expensive than the natural silk.  Elegance and versatility at affordable rates has raised the demand for these beauties worldwide.


The Difference Between Viscose and Silk

Buying a 100% natural silk Oriental rug isn’t in everyone’s budget. Viscose rugs, or those blended with wool and viscose offer an affordable alternative without compromising the look.

Cost is not the only differentiation between viscose and silk. Natural fibers such as viscose absorb moisture, body oil and water and are not suitable for use in high traffic areas. It can result in discoloration and weaken the fiber. Natural silk fiber is stronger than viscose, but even silk rugs are not meant for daily traffic.


Viscose Care

In order for viscose rugs to last as long as possible, it is important to take care of them. Vacuuming these rugs as you would your household carpet is often too much for these rugs and for daily cleaning it is usually recommended to use a brush-less vacuum. Washing viscose rugs is especially tricky, because the fiber tends to yellow when it gets wet. Topical hot water extraction or chemical cleaning is also a recipe for staining and further damage.


Viscose Rug Durability

For the most part, washing these rugs at home is not recommended. They should be cleaned professionally every couple of years by someone who knows how to handle the delicate nature of these rugs. Viscose rugs are sold at various prices points, some are very inexpensive and are referred to as “use and toss” them rugs. Most high quality viscose rugs ( 8 x 10) start at $2000 and can cost as much as a luxury automobile. If you are purchasing an expensive area rug, wool, viscose or silk; always consider stain protection.  Continue reading why traditional rug cleaning methods may not suffice for viscose fabrics here.


If you have a viscose rug in the NYC area that needs cleaning, contact us one of our rug professionals today.