Best Vacuum for Rugs

When it comes to vacuuming, it is instinctual for many to look for the most powerful option available. Wall to wall carpets are often made from synthetic material, rarely hand woven, and can stand the test of times against a powerful vacuum with roller brushes. However, hand woven area rugs are delicate and their fibers can be easily pulled or damaged with powerful brush vacuums and improper vacuuming

The right choice for cleaning area rugs, especially delicate Oriental rugs is a vacuum with the following characteristic:cleaning rugs

  • – Brushless vacuum or option to turn the roller brush on/off
  • – Height adjustable
  • – HEPA Filter
  • – Suction power switch
  • – Attachments for hard to reach areas
  • – Light weight


Vacuum Cleaner Options

Many people want to have a vacuum that will work for their area rugs, as well as their wall to wall carpets. The key to making the right choice is the vacuum’s adaptability. Many newer upright vacuum cleaners have a mechanical rotating brush that is simply too harsh for most Oriental rugs. You should look for a brushless vacuum or those with options to turn the brush bar off.

Always avoid the fringes by running the vacuum parallel to the fringes. Pulling the fringes will lead to unraveling of the rug foundation.

Suction control switch and height adjustment allows you to vacuum a wide range of area rugs from low pile to thicker, and heavy shaggy rugs. If you have a delicate and valuable area rug, treat it as you would treat your hand washables. Don’t be rough, don’t rush it, and vacuum the whole rug.


Consider Carpet Sweepers

Some would say that the best vacuum cleaner for area rugs isn’t a vacuum at all, but a carpet sweeper. With a carpet sweeper the rotary brush is controlled manually which helps to keep it from being too harsh. As the brush rolls across the carpet it creates static that will push up dust and debris into the dustpan. The method isn’t completely foolproof. No frequent cleaning method really is foolproof when it comes to cleaning area rugs, but when an Oriental rug is swept or gently vacuumed once or twice a week it should stay looking attractive for quite some time.

Where Can I Take My Rug to Be Cleaned?

At some point, nearly everyone will want their area rug to be truly clean. Deeper cleaning should be handled by a professional rug cleaner that specializes in cleaning Oriental and other area rugs. RevitaRUGS is an excellent option for this kind of deep rug cleaning. Our rug cleaning service begins and ends with a white glove pick-up and delivery team coming to get the rug from your home, and returning it in a super clean and revitalized state.


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