Benefits of using Soft Water in Rug Cleaning

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms ‘hard water’ and ‘soft water’, but do you know what they mean? Is one type of water somehow better than the other? What type of water do you have? Let’s take a look at the definitions of these terms and how they relate to water in everyday life. Is rug cleaning with soft water better for your area rug?

Hard water is any water containing an appreciable quantity of dissolved minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Limes, and other deposits.  Most tap water is hard water including the New York Metro Area.

Soft Water Helps Removes All Excess Minerals for a Deep Clean in Rugs

Soft water is treated water in which the only cation (positively charged ion) is sodium. A proper filtering system is used to remove all the minerals and requires continuous maintenance of the particular filtration system.

Hard water may shorten the life of plumbing and lessen the effectiveness of certain cleaning agents. When hard water is heated, the carbonates precipitate out of the solution, forming scale in pipes and teakettles. In addition to narrowing and potentially clogging the pipes, scale prevents efficient heat transfer, so a water heater with scale will have to use a lot of energy to give you hot water.

Soap is less effective in hard water because it reacts to form a calcium or magnesium salt of the organic acid in the soap. These salts are insoluble and form grayish soap scum, but no cleansing lather. Detergents, on the other hand, lather in both hard and soft water. That is why harsh detergents are used by rug cleaners when cleaning your rugs. In fact, most of the complaints they make about using a mild soap or an organic soap is due to the use of hard water or worse, well water in their process.

RevitaRUGS Leads The Way in Soft Water/Water Conservation Rug Cleaning!

Leading the way in using soft water and water conservation is revitaRUGS. Water is purified to remove all excess minerals such as calcium, magnesium, lime, chlorine and other solutes from your rug. This purified soft water allows for a better cleaning and less use of any mild soap (eco-friendly or not). It also aids in the removal of previously embedded crystalized salts (soap scum), makes colors more vibrant, and naturally softens the rug.

RevitaRUGS soft water cleaning process allows use of organic soaps and the end result is a revitalized rug with brighter colors and a healthy environment for your family and home.