Benefits of Organic Cleaning Services

It’s easy to be green:

  • Bring your own cloth bag to the supermarket instead of using their plastic one.
  • Drive a fuel-efficient car as opposed to a gas-guzzler.
  • Get your bills electronically to reduce paper waste.
  • And go eco-friendly when its time to clean.

The benefits of green-cleaning helps you care for your home, but also your general health and the environment. Organic cleaning services use non-hazardous, non-toxic, environmentally conscious products that are safe and risk-free for you and your family.

These products can help fend off assorted health problems such as asthma, allergies, and even carcinogens.

Starting from the ground up.


An organic rug cleaning will protect your children and pets who spend a lot of time rolling around on the rug. And because you’re often down there playing with them, it’s helpful to you, too. What about items that drop: a pillow, a remote, a child’s hat? If you’re using chemical cleaners, their residue can get on those items and end up on your sofa, your hands or your baby’s skin.


Contact revitaRUGS — The Organic Cleaning Service.


A greener clean truly makes for a healthier home. That’s precisely why revitaRUGS engineered an organic wash process that, not only deep cleans rugs of all kinds, but does it in a way that systematically removes dust particles and reduces allergens using the mildest soaps and the purest soft water, which lathers better and will prolong the life of your rugs.


Our thorough washing process applies gentle pressure using a computer-controlled system, which automatically adjusts for varied rug piles or thicknesses. Rinsing and cleaning take place at the same time to avoid oversaturation.


We then will remove the majority of moisture content immediately in our proprietary pre-drying system. The last stage of drying takes place in our fully enclosed custom engineered temperature controlled drying rooms that produce ideal filtered air-drying conditions.

Ready to Get Your Rug Green-Clean?


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