Asthma and Indoor Allergens

Asthma and Indoor Allergens

EPA says “Asthma Sufferers, Send Your Area Rugs Out To Be Professionally Cleaned”

By: Steve Goldman Co-Founder of RevitaRUGS, & Green Technology Expert 11-22-11

Asthma and Indoor Allergens !!!!!Health professionals sometimes recommend that allergy and asthma patients remove carpet and rugs from their homes. Those recommendations are generally based on faulty assumptions. In fact, clean, dry, well-maintained carpet and rugs actually improves indoor air quality as sited by CRI the Carpet and Rug Institute

Most of the research is focused on carpets whereas Area Rugs are often ignored. The EPA Published an interesting report “Residential Asthma Trigger and Indoor Air Quality Checklist” which states, “dust in carpet could be making your asthma worse” ( Have someone else in your family vacuum the carpet daily; or, if you vacuum, wear a dust mask. If possible, remove the carpeting and replace with washable area rugs”.

The best solution for asthmaand indoor allergens sufferers according to the EPA is to have a hard surface floor covered with area rugs that are routinely sent out for regular washing. It is challenging to get wall to wall carpet really clean in a residential setting, and especially difficult to get the carpet dry.  Mold can breed after a carpet is cleaned, while it is going through the natural drying process which can often take several days to get 100% dry especially in climates like the East Coast with high humidity levels says Steve Goldman, Co-founder of RevitaRUGS, a new Environmentally Green Area Rug Cleaning Business in South Hackensack, NJ.

Recent research by RevitaRUGS has discovered a startling fact: over 75% of area rug owners NEVER PROPERLY CLEAN THEM, for fear of damage of their precious asset. Vacuuming alone does not rid the rug from allergens and microbial bacteria known to cause health hazards. Area rugs are constructed with fibers that are tightly compacted making it difficult for a vacuum to remove dust particles and allergens. Wool and silk handmade rugs are usually made with vegetable dye, which is safer and healthier, as compared to newer machine made rugs which typically use synthetic dyes and materials.

In North America people spend 69-90 percent of their time indoors. Especially vulnerable to even miniscule amounts of these toxins are developing fetuses, children and the elderly. Children’s risk from dust borne contaminants, the report says, may be up to 40 times higher than that of adults (!

There is a solution! RevitaRUGS an Environmentally Green Rug Cleaning Business in South Hackensack, NJ, has brought its 100% safe Green Rug Cleaning process from its sister company in Italy the Shirzad Corporation ( to the US market.  RevitaRUGS process not only deep cleans and disinfects rugs of all kinds, but does it in a way that systematically removes dust particles and reduces allergens. This process uses the mildest soaps and the purest water possible, and is 100% safe for antique or silk rugs.  With decades of experience using a pure clean laboratory grade water softening system, perfume-free organic soaps,  and  patent pending processes,  RevitaRUGS is a perfect solution to cleaning any type of area rug.  Now, you can keep your home healthy for your children, as well as protect your valuable heirlooms.

Asthma and Indoor allergens:

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