Area Rugs Pads – What is the Best Rug Pad for Your Area Rugs?

First of all, if you own an area rug, you must have a rug pad. If you don’t, you’re increasing the risk of slipping and falling. This, however, is not the only reason an area rug requires a reliable and suitable rug pad. It also acts as a cushion that keeps the rug from rubbing against the flooring and extends the life of the rug, as well as providing a moisture barrier, which allows the rug to breath from underneath preventing mold and bacterial growth.

The proper rug pad to use for area rugs must be perforated and made of natural rubber. It should be replaced every few years. We also suggest the rug pad be cleaned at the same time your rugs are professionally cleaned. Persian carpets, Oriental rugs, or any other type of area rugs need expert cleaning on an annual basis. Dust, dirt and bacteria deep within your rug fibers can damage your area rugs and cause health issues for you and your family. Vacuuming is not enough, and topical steam cleaning will destroy your valuables. 

Natural Rubber Pads – Where does natural rubber come from?












Natural rubber comes from the sap of a rubber tree plant, which is blended with latex from various sources and sometimes combined with water and coagulants. The mixture is passed through grooved rollers to produce sheets of rubber that are allowed to dry.

Natural rubber is very safe to use over hardwood polyurethane finishes, and highly recommended by the manufacturers for glossy floors and finishes. It is ideal for use under any rug, especially valuable hand-knotted ones.

Synthetic Rubber Pads – Where does synthetic rubber come from?

Synthetic rubber is made by mixing two by-products of petroleum refining, butadiene and styrene. They are mixed with soapsuds to make liquid latex, which is then dried into bits and pressed into bales. About 70 percent of all rubber is synthetic. The chemical formula of synthetic rubber can be varied to adapt it for different applications.

Synthetic rubber pads can cause discoloration and scaring on hardwood floors.

What type of rug pads do we recommend?

We recommend and use ECONET rug pads made from natural rubber and jute. This perforated, natural fiber rug pad meets all the requirements for good protection of the rug, as well as the consumer, plus it is eco-friendly. As a good steward of the planet and supporter of Trees for the Future, ECONET plants a tree for every rug pad sold.

Contact revitaRUGS for a proper cleaning and repair of your area rugs. We will provide an ECONET rug pad custom cut to fit your rug. Call us at 1.855.5.REVITA or fill out our contact form here.