Area Rug Cleaning – Cleaning Methods to Avoid

You spend a lot of time and money to find the perfect area rug to match your home décor, maybe it was a family heirloom traveled through time and grandma’s den before it was passed down to you. With something so valuable, it is vital to know the right way to clean them, and to find the best rug cleaning services that offer the right method of area rug cleaning.

Never Chem-Dry or Steam Clean Your Area Rug

Your valuable Oriental or Persian Rug , colorful Moroccan Rug, Antique or Silk Qum, is not wall to wall synthetic carpets and cannot be washed by a Chem-Dry or steam cleaned. The wool and silk fibers of these handmade rugs have natural dyes and cannot be exposed to any steam or even warm water. These types of cleaning will cause color run (darker areas bleed into lighter areas) and also damages the fibers of the rug.

Spot cleaning does not reach to the source of the dirt and it can worsen the problem. It may appear to clean the surface; however the source of the stain is in your rug’s thick pile, within its fibers, knots and the structure of the rug. Whatever is used to remove the spot is another chemical added to the mix that further settles the stain in your valuable rug or heirloom.

RevitaRUGS Cleans Your Area Rug the Proper Way

The proper way to care and clean your handmade area rugs is far from Chem-Dry, Steam Cleaning or any outfit that advertises in Carpet Cleaning. A handmade area rug is a valuable piece of art that requires the same level of expertise to clean as it was to weave it, if not more. These rugs are made from different qualities of wool and silk, in different regions, each unique to their weaving methods and natural dyes. It takes years of mastery and technical knowledge to properly clean, repair and preserve your valuable handmade rug.

RevitaRUGS is a rug cleaning service with decades of experience and deep knowledge of all types of rug fibers, chemistry of stains, colors, and dyes. Revita combines the art and technique of cleaning and preserving handmade rugs with current technological advances in order to revitalize rugs, purging them of dirt, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, stains and odors. No harsh chemicals. In fact, Revita removes the toxic residue left by previous rug cleaners.

Take care of your valuable handmade area rugs by hiring the best area rug cleaning service in NYC to clean your rug the right way. Contact us today for an appointment.