Area Rug Cleaning and Preservation – Taking Care of Your Beautiful & Valuable Rug

Area rugs act like an air filter; they collect and attract everything in the air, from dust particles, pollen and bacteria to all household chemicals.. Just like any other filter, it must be cleaned periodically or otherwise a dirty rug can be unhealthy and hazardous for everyone. To preserve your area rugs and protect yourself and loved ones, you should contact  area rug cleaning services such as revitaRUGS, who uses chemical free rug cleaner to maintain your area rug.

Area Rug Preservation – Taking Care of Your Area Rug After Cleaning

Proper area rug cleaning on a routine basis will not only improve the longevity and the health of your area rug, it will prevent fiber damage, unnecessary repair cost and keep your home safe and clean. After you get you rug cleaned and revitalized by revitaRUGS, make sure you follow these simple rug preservation tips to help \maintain your rug.

  • Always replace your old rug pad. Getting you rug professionally cleaned and placing it on an old dirty rug pad is defeating the purpose.
  • Always purchase a perforated rug pad. The purpose of the pad is to keep the rug in place while allowing a moisture barrier and airflow. Solid felt type rug pads don’t allow the rug to breathe and causes moisture build-up which leads to mold and bacteria growth.
  • If possible, move and rotate the rug occasionally so furniture items don’t cause permanent markings.
  • If your rug is near a window with direct sun light, your rug will most probably suffer from photo-oxidation. Most windows and glasses don’t have the proper UV protection and the sun light will cause discoloration. You can draw your curtains during sun exposure or search options for proper UV shielding of your windows.  If you don’t mind the faded color, you can rotate the rug to evenly discolor the rug. Not an ideal option for the rug.
  • Make sure vacuuming your rug is on a daily routine. Protect the fringes by vacuuming along the width when you reach the fringes. Pulling the fringes will damage the foundation of handmade rugs and can become an expensive repair.
  • Do not attempt to clean up a stain with magic solutions and folklore fix it gimmicks; any chemical you add to the mix has an action/reaction to the source of the stain. Club soda, baking soda, magic solutions in a bottle, and every recipe for every stain you have ever heard is a chemical. It will change the original stain, acid, protein or lipid form. Just remove the access from the surface with a spoon, dilute the stain with water, dab gently with white cloth and leave it to the professionals.

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