Antique Rug Repair and Restoration

Everything old is new again, or at least that’s what you hope when you take your antique rugs to a professional, because you’ve started to see the results of daily foot traffic, spills and pets. This, on top of the fact that materials such as wool, silk or cotton will naturally decompose over time.

First let’s distinguish the two processes: “Repairing” is for a specific problem like unraveled fringes, border damage, worn out fibers, moth holes and tears. “Restoration” is for rugs that have generally succumbed to age or over usage and need to be revitalized to be like new.

Repair, Restore…revitaRugs.

Our master conservators will go to work, patching, weaving, re-dyeing, and re-fringing as required to restore almost any rug to its original beauty. But just as important as their skill during a repair or restoration is their assessment of a rug before they begin. Our inspection process uses both the expert eyes of our repair team and a high powered laboratory grade microscope for fiber analysis. Every spot and impurity is pre-tested for proper course of action. Every rug structure (wrap & weft) must be analyzed for integrity and preparation before the rug is touched.

Wash Before Repairing or Restoring

We suggest cleaning the rug prior to either. This will bring out the true original rug colors, and make sure the new weave is an exact match of the hues and tones of the fiber. Your rug must be treated and washed prior to repair if there is moth damage in order to get rid of all embedded eggs. Antique rug cleaning must be done very meticulously. The delicate materials are often quite valuable and not easily replaced, as antique rugs are generally referred to as handmade rugs that are at least a century old. Improper washing methods will leave soap scum, crystallized salt and/or hard minerals on your rug, causing far more harm than good. If stains are covered up and pet odors masked instead of proper removal, you just damage your rug even more, lowering its value forever. We have been working with rug collectors, as well as rug merchants, for decades. Our proven techniques and specific knowledge of each and every type of rug combined with modern technology allows us to deal expertly with these invaluable pieces of art.

Ready To Repair and Restore Your Antique Rug?

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