“RevitaRUGS cleaned multiple Persian silk, wool, and ultra-fine rugs for us and returned them in just 3 DAYS! This is the first time that we have ever heard of a silk rug being cleaned with water, they are the only company to do this, and it came back, like all the other rugs, looking brand new. The rugs are full of life again, the colors are vibrant, the fabric is soft and smooth, and the smell is clean and fresh. We at Tepp Team have never experienced a professional world-class high quality rug cleaning service like this. RevitaRUGS has become our only rug cleaning vendor and we highly suggest giving them a call for your rug cleaning needs.”

Mr. Aziz - Tepp Team USA, Secaucus, NJ

“Kandi has been searching for the optimal oriental carpet cleaning service forever. Often frustrated by the results, he finally found, in September 2011, what he considers to be the best operation, combining traditional handwork techniques with the most modern scientific methods, together with a long, successful experience in Italy. We have discovered Revita in South Hackensack, NJ. For example, as a test, we gave them wool, silk, and cotton pile pieces from our own collection. They all suffered from serious problems: extreme internal and surface dirt and stains including grease, dry pile, and brittle foundations. Previous attempts to have them cleaned by others were unsatisfactory: the problem remained. We were amazed at Revita’s result: the internal dirt particles had vanished, the stains were gone, the pile was soft, overall flexibility was restored and the colors were once again bright and cheerful. Revita uses no harsh detergents or chemicals. In less than a week the rugs were picked up, processed and returned. In Kandi’s experience of 40 years, this is the best ever. Try them once and repeat business is assured. The quality is unequaled in the greater New York area.”

Kandi Morteza - Kandi Antique Carpets Corp., NY

“When we first decided to use RevitaRUGS both my wife and I were skeptical on any company’s ability to clean our rug. It was stained with dirt, grease and baby food among other things children find to spill. To our surprise, RevitaRUGS delivered our rug back to us smelling fresh, vibrant and in better than new condition. We kid around with our friends that RevitaRUGS are the Miracle Rug Doctors, because what they accomplished was nothing short of a miracle. They delivered unparalleled customer service and product delivery that is non-existent in our marketplace today.”

Richard Lifrieri - VP from Morris Township, NJ

“I am astonished at the quality of seamless service, from pick up to drop off – to the smooth freshness of my rug. I believe that it is now cleaner then the day I purchased it. Thank you so much for making my home cleaner and healthier!”

Phyllis Davanzo - Executive Director from Paramus, NJ

“SOFT and VIBRANT are the first two words that came to mind when I received my rug back. The rug Revita cleaned is a handmade persian I have owned for over 25 years. Our pets had accidents and we used spot treatment but would never have it professionally cleaned because we never trusted anyone…UNTIL NOW! The knowledgeable/professional staff at Revita, the on time white glove pickup, and the overall service excellence made us very confident. Our rug came back looking brand new, the fringe, the smell and everything. We are truly delighted!”

Cilia and Vinny Galasso - Attorney from River Vale, NJ

“We were thrilled with the service from RevitaRUGS from start to finish. We were so happy to learn that they used “green” cleaning products. We have a baby and a dog so this was a big concern for us. When the rug was returned, the colors were so vivid it looked better then when we first purchased it. Also, the rug was odorless and just beautiful! We couldn’t be happier! Thank you RevitaRUGS!”

Karen and David Biglin - Musician from NJ