Dear revitaRUGS: My rugs were delivered today and I am really pleased with how they came out. I had them cleaned before and the spots(chocolate ice cream) were still there after cleaning. Your salesman, “Abe” was very knowledgeable and nice, and my rug feels so much better than before. So, thank you and I will definitely recommend you. Sincerely,

E. Robbins - Manhattan

“Dear Meisam: I just wanted to thank you (belatedly) for the great job that was done on my Caucasian rug. I was nervous sending it to you UPS not knowing your company except in advertisements but I was very satisfied with your efforts to reassure me and to answer my questions whenever I called. The rug was received back with the sewing done, cleaned and it looks wonderful. I will continue to use your company with more confidence next time. I appreciated the before and after photos sent to me. Your company is very professional and your work appreciated.” Sincerely,

Lynne F. - Yonkers, Westchester County

“I wanted to thank all the people at revitaRUGS for their work on our antique Persian circa 1890 Heriz (Serapi) rug. We had it cleaned and the difference is more than expected. The carpet is soft and flexible which it has never been. I grew up on this rug. It was my playground for my match box cars when I was about 5. The center design was the grocery store with parking at both ends and the outside border was the highway. The four center designs were gas station, fire house, movie theater, and clothes store. This was 60 years ago and most of my little cars were pre match box but same idea. My younger brother also played with his cars on this rug and our children did to.

I took scissors to it and got punished by being given the rug when I got married 41 years ago. If I had only known, there was a couple more. We wanted to see where we were taking this rug and meet the people we were going to trust it to. It was well worth the trip from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Talking with the owners and other professionals working there was just a treasure trove of information about the rug and the regions these came from. We met the woman that did the restoration to the rug and again just totally professional and all were nice people to meet. The young men working there, polite and very helpful bringing in and placing the rug back in our vehicle. Amazing work and a great experience. It took us quite awhile to find the repaired location on the rug when we went to pick it up.

These are low resolution pictures to accommodate the email service but do reflect the difference in appearance of the rug. Thank you very much!”

Sears & Cheryl Young

“The difference in this Antique Savonnerie Rug after the revitaRUGS process was remarkable. The colors were so much more vibrant leading several people to ask if it were a new rug. Also of note, there was no chemical smell upon its return and it just seemed genuinely clean. The white glove pick-up and delivery service was impeccable.” Estate Manager,

Daniel Romualdez - Architects

Dear Dario, I have used several rug cleaning services in the past and I must say that Revita Rugs is by far the best all around. I have an elderly dog and a puppy and the family room rug had been cleaned professionally before, and yet I couldn’t get that smell out. You have revitalized my rug. Thank you so much for taking care of this professionally without it costing me an arm and a leg. I don’t know how you did it but you can be assured that I will use your service again and again. Sincerely

Dr. Elaine T. Yaffe - Englewood, NJ

“I just want to thank you for the great job you have done in cleaning my Tabriz rug. For such a large rug with extreme contrast in color, all the spots are gone and the colors are brighter and the rug feels soft. I would definitely recommend you to all my colleagues and customers and I am looking forward to working with you!”

Nooshin Akhavan Farshchi - Looms Of Persia, 100 Park Plaza Dr. 102S, Secaucus, NJ