Excellant service & fine restoration of rare, hand woven persian rug. highly recommend to everyone. — a very satisfied customer

Rashmi Sheth - Scarsdale, NY

I had my Oriental rugs cleaned a few years ago and it was time to get the done again. I wasn’t thrilled with the previous cleaning, and between kids and pets, the rugs needed some repair too. We found Revita Rugs and are thrilled with their work. We did most of the communication via e-mail, until I was satisfied with their responses. Our rugs were cleaned, fringes done and looking better than ever.

Bob Shwajlyk - NY

“I recently spilled a glass of red wine on a new area rug. Immediately following the spill I ran to the cabinet, grabbed a bottle of store bought carpet cleaner and began spraying and scrubbing the stain. Within minutes our house smelled so badly from the chemicals in the cleaning product that it was almost uninhabitable. We have a small child and we were so concerned with the smell that we removed the carpet from the house and spent the 40 degree night with all the windows in the house opened and fans blowing. I had no idea how toxic and harmful these off the shelf products actually are.

In the effort to save the rug from not only the wine stain but also the smell of the chemicals, we came across Revita Rug. When we learned that Revita Rug uses a green cleaning process we decided to give them a try. I dropped the rug off at their state of the art facility in South Hackensack and within a few days we had our rug back looking and smelling better that the day we purchased it. Azita and her team are accommodating, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and we couldn’t be happier with the service.”


John Schleer - New Jersey

“Dear RevitaRUGS Team, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job you did in cleaning my oriental rug. I had seen your advertisement in the long Island newspaper a year ago and I saved it just in case I wanted to use your services, but because you were in New Jersey I decided to send it to someone closer, WHAT A MISTAKE!! As you know I had given it to this other company to clean that was recommended by the place I purchased the rug from and because they were on Long Island. They delivered it after two weeks and I thought I would die, it came back with the fringe all matted and filthy with dirt stains on the edges of the fringe and stains in various areas of the rug. The beautiful center of the rug was discolored with whatever cleaner they had used, so I had them take it right back to try and fix it. Their attitude on the phone was terrible when I was trying to explain how it looked. Even the men that delivered it saw how awful it looked. They kept it for another week and redelivered it with the fringe looking a little better but the dirt stains were still all over it and the silks luster was gone. I thought the that was the end of my great room area rug.

In desperation I called you (revitaRUGS) to see if there was any hope of getting this rug to look presentable. I have to say, they were amazing to deal with, including the fellow who picked the rug up, he looked at it and said I know we can get this to look much better. I was told it would take about a week to get it back. One week later you called me and said it looked better but you would like to keep it one more week because you felt it didn’t quite meet your standards and you wanted the silk highlights to look even brighter. I said O.K.- thinking, O boy that rug is never going to look as beautiful as it once did. One week later it was delivered and I couldn’t believe what a gorgeous job your company did of cleaning and restoring the luster back to the carpet. It was a pleasure doing business with a company that takes such pride in what they do and with such high quality workmanship. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Sincerely,

Devon Manditch - Long Island, NY

“My son is in the Navy and served in Iraq. While he was there, he bought me a beautiful Persian rug. It is my most treasured possession. Unfortunately, my dog broke training and urinated on the rug, causing the red dye to bleed all over the intricate pattern. I drove hundreds of miles to take it to revitaRUGS in Hackensack. The rug was perfectly restored. The work was so expertly done that I can’t find where it was stained. I am completely amazed and very grateful.”

Elizabeth L. - Knoxville, TN

“Today Meisam and Louis delivered my dinning and den area rugs which have been wonderfully repaired by your experts. I am thrilled with efficiency and courteous manner in which the two gentlemen serviced. Thank you for all your advice to help us to keep our area rugs looking beautiful no matter how old or used they are-Extra praise to the gentlemen, Meisam and Louis.” Thank you always,

P.S. Anyone needs a recommendation, you can give my number.

Marilyn Bibi - Brooklyn, NY