A Little About Lilihan Rugs

Think pink when you think about these visually stunning rugs, as that is their main characteristic, although khaki and brown are also known to be part of the tableau. They are renowned for their designs as well: beautifully ornamented with curvilinear lattice and traditional floral motifs, but sometimes these carpets feature geometric patterns.

Lilihans are also a favorite due to their durability and longer pile.

The Life of A Lilihan Rug

In the last years of the 16th century, Shah Abbas the Great (Safavid Dynasty) had finally overcome the Ottoman Empire. After taking control of Persia, he sheltered many loyal Armenians in the interior of the country, near the city of Arak, where he gave them grants to set up businesses, which made them partners with the crown family.

Many of these new business owners were rug merchants. These skilled Armenians created Persian rugs, such as Lilihan rugs, which come from the Lilihan area south of Arak.

Armenians, who are masters of their craft, use the sturdy Hamadan single-weft construction and a symmetrical Turkish knot to weave these stunning carpets. Their warp is usually cotton, and the weft can be made of either cotton or fine wool. They are coarsely, but tightly flat woven, which makes them extremely long lasting. They resemble a Sarouk rug in design, color and motif, except with a single weft.

Lilihan rugs are some of the finest quality carpets and considered works of art thanks to their velvety surface, distinctive color scheme, and exceptional detail. Plus, there is the added benefit that they can stand the test of time.

Ready To Give A Lift To Your Lilihan?

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