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Expert rug cleaning with oriental, Persian, silk, viscose & antique rugs

revitaRUGS provides high quality area rug and Persian carpet cleaning and restoration services in the tri-state area. Revita is not a traditional rug restoration company; we use a new technology that provides organic rug cleaning that is safer for your home. RevitaRugs cleans all types of oriental rugs and carpets, including antique rugs, silk rugs, Aubusson rugs, Tapestries and even Viscose rugs. As the premier area rug and carpet cleaner in New York City, we are committed to making a safer, healthier home environment by using organic products.

  • Technologies to protect your rugs, your house, your environment

    revitaRUGS  offer exclusive nanotechnology treatments to enhance the inherent properties of traditional fabric

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  • StainProtection

    Revita Stain Protection is a safe and effective shield bonding to rug fibers, preventing acidic burns and dye discoloration due to food and drink spills, and pet mishaps.

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  • Nano Coating

    revitaCoating is new, safe nanotechnology that significantly eliminates dust-mites, mold, mildew, and other one-cell organisms in a variety of textiles.  Rather than an insecticide or a pesticide, our coating is a natural and non-toxic nano-shield that instantaneously kills bacteria harmful to our skin and to our health.

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  • FireProtection

    We recently created a new treatment able to make fabrics inflammable.
    Not only it will help create a safer environment, but it will allow businesses to adhere to new safety standards and regulations, such as the UL safety certification.

  • UV Protection

    Revita UVprotection provides a protective film against UV rays avoiding photo-oxidation, which causes a discoloration and loss of surface smoothness of the rug.


Area Rug Guide

Types, Fibers, Pads, Repair and Cleaning

Handmade rugs are made throughout the rug weaving regions of the world for centuries. Each country, city, village, and nomadic tribe has its own unique design motifs and patterns depicting their cultural heritage and way of life. However, they all share some common terminologies that can help you choose the right area rug for your home.

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Before & After
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  • Exclusive Rug Sales and
    Custom Services

    A custom rug made in 48 hours. What a deal!

    Choose a bright, warm and inviting color rug for your kids’ room to match their personality. Get your choice of color for the nursery; do not settle for the status quo.

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    Our Exclusive Rugs
  • Custom Colored Rugs

    Free Stain Protection

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  • Rugs to “Dye” For

    Offered With Free Stain Protection

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    Rugs to Dye For
  • Rugs at Wholesale Value

    Offered With Free Stain Protection

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The Revita Process:

Our 5 Steps

The beauty—and effectiveness—of our process is in its simplicity: The simplicity of pure, clean water; the simplicity of dye-free, perfume-free soaps; and the simplicity of quick, efficient drying. We’ve developed our process over decades of experience, concerned exclusively with quality and cleanliness through environmentally-sound, home-friendly practices.

Here’s a typical rug’s journey through the revitaRUGS process. For those made of silk, the process is even more involved, packed full of high-tech secrets known only to us.



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NYC Designers Trusted Source

Designers, architects, and rug Galleries repeatedly use our services for cleaning, repair and Restoration of their clients’ Rug


  • “Fantastic service. Truly efficient, transparent and no-hassle experience. Everything was done through emails, I just don’t have time to pick up the phone. They notified me and responded to my emails very quickly. The level of accuracy was impressive as well as the quality of the work done. The rugs were in pretty bad shape and when I got them I felt they were like new. I would definitely recommend these guys.”

    Davide De micco, New York